Professional Firearm Training


Proficiency training for firearm competency,
Basic, Business & Personal use
Regulation 21


About Us


Hands-on training will begin in the classroom, followed by training scenarios, and conclude with live-fire exercises.

Our training courses are designed to teach practical down-to-earth techniques, train hand-on skills and equip learners with the physical and mental preparation to handle threatening situations.

All our courses offer internationally recognized firearms competency training certificates.

Training is provided at private training and shooting facilities.

About Instructor

Rashaad Habib is your go-to Firearms Trainer. He has always been passionate about Firearms and firearm training and he is keen on sharing his knowledge.

The passion he displays for shooting stems from the exhilaration of the experience and the huge stress release factor!

Rashaad turned his hobby into his business and will offer you nothing but the best.

Available 7 days a week for Firearm training, giving advice and basically sharing his knowledge with anyone who asks.


Rashaad Habib

Rashaad is a registered Firearms instructor with ITA(International Firearm Training Academy) and GFT (GlobalFirearms Trainers) Rashaad is a PFTC (Professional Firearms Trainers Council)registered Firearms Instructor and Firearms Training Assessor.

Training Courses

Accredited Competency Training and Certification in the Law and the safe handling and use the following:

Hand Gun


Hand Machine Carbine

Self-Loading Rifle

Manually Operated Rifle